NO 2023 openings available

2023 existing member renewal spanned Nov. 20-Dec. 25, 2022.

We had virtually full renewal of our 500 existing member families for the year 2023. There will be NO new openings for 2023. We get a lot of questions about membership waiting lists, how many openings will be offered etc.  Each fall, we get full or near full renewal of our 500 existing family memberships and we do NOT keep waiting lists.  Twice in the last 7 years we have held new member drawing / auction events on Jan 1, 2016 and again Jan 1, 2019.  We added approx. 50 memberships between these two events and all new members were required to have an existing member sponsor them.  We also upped the vetting of new members by requiring proof of NRA membership and possession of an Indiana carry permit.  IF we take any new members for 2024, we will likely have these same requirements.  We don't open up new memberships until we have 20-25 openings available to make it worth the efforts for all concerned. 

Next possible date for a new member auction similar to prior events, will be Jan 1, 2024.  
Any such plans will be announced HERE on this website, just after Christmas 2023.