Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

NEW SHELTER HOUSES:  3 new shelter houses were constructed on May 26th for Pistol Bay 1, the 100 yd Rifle Range and to cover a sitting area by the 300 yd range.   The 300 yd range is available for full use immediately.  The other two ranges CAN be used for shooting, but free standing furniture and concrete floors are forthcoming.

Our Club

The purpose of this non-profit club is to provide its members with safe shooting ranges for the practice of marksmanship and competition as well as a forested wildlife habitat suitable for hunting, fishing, hiking recreation and family outings for the fellowship of all.

Members are expected to practice safe firearm handling, sportsmanship afield and conservation while using club facilities and grounds.  

It is our goal to pass on to our heirs the joys and privileges of a better outdoors.

WARNING...Hunters and hikers must stay off the 300 meter range at all times...walk around it, never, ever across it into the line of fire.

Range is completely surrounded by fencing and 92 "Danger/Keep Out/Shooting Range" signs mounted on fence posts.  Despite this, in late Oct. 2014 a hunting member climbed the fence and walked directly across the line of fire on the crossover road.  A shooter preparing to fire fortunately saw the trespasser in time and made safe his rifle.

Trespasser was unharmed...but the Board revoked his membership permanently.  We take safety rules seriously.



New highway 69 through to reach the club 

After a year of highway 37 closure at Martinsville, the newly named highway 69 opened in December 2021.  Burton Lane is no longer directly accessible off the highway.  

From Highway 69, take exit 138 for Ohio St., go East after exit on Artesian Ave.  1/4 mile from exit look for Southview Drive, take it for 1/2 mile or so til you see Indy's Restaurant...THAT is Burton Lane. Travel East on Burton Lane, passing "Indy's Restaurant" on your right, go about 1/2 mile and make a sharp left turn onto our drive immediately after crossing the concrete bridge over Indian Creek.

The club's main, electronic gate is just a few yards off Burton.  Member gate cards activate the gate.

last update....May 27, 2023