Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

Club is Open

Club remains open during the Corona Virus lockdown.  If you can get here, socially distance yourself from other shooters and enjoy some range time.

Our Club

The purpose of this non-profit club is to provide it's members with safe shooting ranges for the practice of marksmanship and competition as well as a forested wildlife habitat suitable for hunting, fishing, hiking recreation and family outings for the fellowship of all.

Members are expected to practice safe firearm handling, sportsmanship afield and conservation while using club facilities and grounds.  

It is our goal to pass on to our heirs the joys and privileges of a better outdoors.

Please note the Feb. 2020 addition of 2020 Training Programs to the bottom left. List was updated May 20, 2020
These unique training programs are open to club members and non-members alike and represent a broad range of opportunities.
Check them out and sign up before they fill up.
WARNING...Hunters and hikers must stay off the 300 meter range at all times...walk around it, never, ever across it into the line of fire.

Range is completely surrounded by fencing and 92 "Danger/Keep Out/Shooting Range" signs mounted on fence posts.  Despite this, in late Oct. 2014 a hunting member climbed the fence and walked directly across the line of fire on the crossover road.  A shooter preparing to fire fortunately saw the trespasser in time and made safe his rifle.

Trespasser was unharmed...but the Board revoked his membership permanently.  We take safety rules seriously.


 Tour of Club by a member

One of our members has produced a YouTube video of our club showcasing much of the club including the bathroom!  As his video was done in 2012, it does not include our 300 M range built in late 2013 or other range additions and improvements noted in 2015-2018...but it gives a good flavor of the place...enjoy!

Click on the following link:  
Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club Video

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