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Our Club

The purpose of this non-profit club is to provide its members with safe shooting ranges for the practice of marksmanship and competition as well as a forested wildlife habitat suitable for hunting, fishing, hiking recreation and family outings for the fellowship of all.

Members are expected to practice safe firearm handling, sportsmanship afield and conservation while using club facilities and grounds.  It is our goal to pass on to our heirs the joys and privileges of a better outdoors.

2024 NEW Memberships
 We admitted
25 new members at our Jan 1, 2024  event noted below. 
There will be NO additional new memberships available in 2024.
NEW Member event was held Jan 1, 2024 at 10AM in the Morgan County 4H building, Hospital Drive, Martinsville, IN.

In random draw fashion, we selected 20 new members at the regular price of annual membership ($125 + $50 one time electronic gate card fee).  

We also auctioned off an additional 5 
memberships to the highest bidders, with $16,925 net proceeds beyond regular membership and gate card fee, going to the Morgan County 4H Shooting Sports Program.  

1) prospective new member had to be sponsored by an existing member in good standing, who must be present with them.

2) Must show proof of Indiana Carry License and membership in a national gun rights organization (NRA, GOA etc.)

IF we do future membership events, we will likely follow this same format, so interested parties should line up a member sponsor that will vouch for them in the future.  We strive to maintain an average of 500 family memberships and open up new ones via a membership event when we've dropped about 25 memberships.

Any guidance on future membership plans will be announced the day after Christmas on this website. That is the point we know how many members are renewing for the coming year and can make a judgement call on whether to add new memberships or not.

2295 Burton Lane, Martinsville IN, 46151 (physical location...NOT mailable)

Our club is physically located on 187 acres in Morgan County, adjoining the Morgan Monroe Forestry south of Martinsville, IN.

From Highway 69, take exit 138 for Ohio St.,  go East after exit on Artesian Ave. 1/4 mile from exit turn right onto Southview Drive, take it for 1/2 mile or so til you see Indy's Restaurant...THAT is Burton Lane. Travel East on Burton Lane, passing "Indy's Restaurant" on your right, go about 1/2 mile and make a sharp left turn onto our drive immediately after crossing the concrete bridge over Indian Creek.

The club's main, electronic gate is just a few yards off Burton. Member gate cards activate the gate.  

Our U.S. Postal mailing address and email address can be found under the tab titled:  To Contact Us

Shooting facilities:

  • 1 x 25 yard pistol bay
  • 1 x 100 yard rifle bay
  • 1 x shotgun/clays area w/four launching stations
  • 2 x  35 yard pistol/rifle bays
  • 2 x  50+ yard pistol/rifle bays
  • 1 x 300 meter rifle bay (with 100 and 200 yard intervals)

Aerial view of facility layout

300 meter range built 2013

The photos above were taken October 2023 showing a great view from our 300 M shelter, the main impact berm in the distance, access road to the rear turnaround area, 100 and 200 yard mini berms.   The pre-fab metal shelter house sits atop a mound purpose built for it.   We are VERY proud of this range!

Original Nov. 2013 writeup when new 300 M range opened

After a long gestation...the 300 M range is done and open for use. The logging, grading, drainage work, a HUGE impact berm, a drivable access road to the berm for target changes, a turn around/parking area at the berm, new parking area up front, perimeter fence/gate, safety signage and a fully "furnished"/shelter house are all in place.

All earthwork was done by Lee Weddle of Weddle Farm Drainage, Morgantown who built our other ranges.  The impact berm is 25 feet tall and more than 100 feet wide from left to right. White posts with wire netting between were installed at the berm corresponding to the 10 openings in the shelter house. Shooters need only attach paper targets to the wire netting with club provided binder clips available in the need to lug target stands down range.

We installed one 22" diameter AR500 steel gong at the berm, more are planned at shorter distances in the future.  Martinsville's own: Brad Beaton, owner of "Backwoods Design Co."(317-460-8013) custom built and installed all the "furniture" in that shelter. The eight shooting bench/seat sets are modeled after those of the Army Rangers at Ft. Benning, GA.  Three 12 foot sitting/gear benches toward the rear and two large rifle racks complete that shelter's woodwork. Two bays on the left end as you face the berm, were left open for prone, standing or kneeling shooters.  We liked Brad's work so well, we had him build and install eight of these new shooting bench/seat sets in three of our existing shelters which allow rifles...two in the 100 yard Range shelter and three each in the shelters on Pistol Ranges 2 & 3 for a total of 16 sets facility wide.  New sitting/gear benches were also added to our four existing shelters.  Some of the shooting benches had their heights adjusted in 2015 to allow for taller shooters who found existing benches too short.

Safety signage...posted for this range was carefully designed with the help of an an NRA range consultant who visited our facility recently. Please pay attention to the large swinging gate as it designates whether range is HOT or a CEASE FIRE is underway...USE THE GATE.

When gate is swung to the left, it allows vehicles/or walking on the road to the berm...a large CEASE FIRE sign is evident and access to the shooting shelter is blocked at the same time.

When gate is swung to the right, it prevents vehicles/or walking on the road to the berm...a large HOT / RANGE ACTIVE sign is evident and access to the shooting shelter is open.

PLEASE do move the gate accordingly when you are using the range.Read and follow the unique rules specific to this range, unique due to the difficulty of seeing a person 300 + meters down range.

During Cease Fire, range shelter must be completely one is allowed to remain in the shelter when others are down range...use Cease Fire sheltered waiting area outside the fence.

Range perimeter fencing has RIFLE RANGE / KEEP OUT signage on every post (all 92 of them!), so hunters or hikers in the surrounding woods don't walk into the line of fire.   


  • In January 2015 we installed additional berms, backstops and wire target backing steel targets for the 100 yard and 200 yard distances on our 300 M range option in addition in our existing 100 yard range. Another steel silhouette target was added to the right side of the 300 M berm (an existing hanging steel gong is to the left).
  • We made a major investment in range road reinforcement along Indian Creek after spring 2015 flood damage...not much fun in and of itself, but kind of important if you want to get to any of our ranges!       
    Added new shotgun clay pigeon launchers and covered shooting stations to our existing shotgun area.  A total of four newly built stations now exist 


    • We constructed two new 50+ yard ranges adjacent to our two existing 35 yard ranges at the rear of the club. By October 2017 all grading/drainage and stoning of ranges was completed, shelters and signage up. Benches and rifle racks were installed in early 2018.

    • Parking was expanded to support the four side by side rear ranges. You can now drive right up to any of the four shelters, unload your gear and park your vehicle there.

    • A temporary pull-off/unload parking spot was added next to our original 100 yard range. This makes it easy to unload gear without blocking the road, but members are expected to park vehicle in regular parking area once unloading/loading is done.

    • In addition to our flush toilet bathroom near the clubhouse, we have added three new Porta-Jons closer to the by the Shotgun Area/Pistol Bay One and two more to the rear range area.

    • A stockade fence was added in 2018 to the road side of the shotgun range to keep errant pellets from showering the 100 yard range on the other side of the road.

    • Shredded rubber was added to the berms on the 300 meter range to stop erosion caused by impacting rounds.

    • Steel plate racks and Texas Stars in various configurations havve been added to many of our ranges...enjoy, but abide by the caliber signage on the ranges.

    • In November 2020, we added concrete to the shelter house floors on many of our ranges. It is hoped this helps with picking up spent shell casings.

    • In 2020 we acquired from the county, the small triangle of land between Burton Lane and our original gate, giving us control of this former "no man's land".  

    • Once we owned the land, in December 2020, we added a new motorized gate, closer to Burton lane to prevent "parkers" from loitering and leaving trash near the former gate. On leaving the club, pull up closer to the gate so it will automatically open. Existing gate cards are programmed to work with the new gate. 

The last  of the wooden range shelters have been replaced
with two metal prefab type, concrete added under the shelters and an extended concrete apron out front to make brass retrieval easier.

  • A new pre-fab metal shelter was added where 300 M range shooters must gather when other shooters are down range and cease fire has been called. 

Email (questions/comments):

Cut and paste the above email address into your email program to contact us. We do not maintain a club phone number or a postal mailbox at the club itself.  eMail is our primary means of responding to questions and we will get back to you promptly.

Postal address for mailing membership forms, checks or for gate card replacement:

Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club 
P.O. Box 2073
Martinsville, IN  46151

Board of Directors Meetings...(meet/greet & share input in person):
Members are invited to attend and share input at the Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov Board meetings.  Meetings are held at 4 pm in the clubhouse on the first Sunday of the months noted.

Photo Tour...front of club to rear
Our Clubhouse

This small building is our clubhouse where the board of directors meets at 4 pm the first Sunday of the month.  Members are invited to attend board mtgs. on the following months:  Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept and Nov.

To the right of the clubhouse is our heated/flush bathroom accessible year round.  Both buildings have a handicapable ramp to access.

Wear your membership card & obey club rules

KNOW and live by the four rules of gun safety

We all pick up after ourselves

We are an unmanned club meaning no one is there to clean up after you...please help keep things nice by picking up your own (and other's) brass and target debris.

Pistol Bay One

For many years, this spot was our first and only it is one of eight.  It features a new overhead shelter, new concrete floor/apron to make brass pickup easy, steel targets provided, target stands provided...bring your own paper targets to staple to our stands

Shotgun Range

Four stations

with new clay pigeon launchers added in 2022

Shot types allowed

#7, #8 and #9 shot only

Landing area

for hopefully shattered clays and spent shot

100 yard rifle range

NEW Shelter w/new concrete floor/apron

there is a temporary parking area next to the shelter for unloading gear, but shooters are expected to re-park in the nearby lot

Shooting tables and rifle racks

new shelter and concrete floor/apron make brass pickup easy.

100 yards... target stands for paper provided

(bring your own paper or steel targets)

1/4 mile drive brings you to FIVE more ranges

Pistol Bay Two

Approx. 35 yards in length with shelter, shooting tables, rifle racks, concrete floor/apron, steel targets and target stands for your paper targets.  You can drive right up and park beside these ranges for easy gear unloading

Pistol Bay Three

Adjacent range to #Two....Approx. 35 yards in length with shelter, shooting tables, rifle racks, concrete floor/apron, steel targets and target stands for your paper targets. You can drive right up and park beside these ranges for easy gear unloading

Pistol/rifle Bay Four

50 yards in length...shelter, concrete floor/apron, multiple shooting tables with steel targets and target holders for your paper targets

Pistol/rifle Bay Five

Adjacent to range #Four...50 yards in length and extra wide...shelter, concrete floor/apron, multiple shooting tables with steel targets and target holders for your paper targets

300 Meter Rifle Range w/100 & 200 yard mini berms

Innovative "HOT" gate to the right  ...when gate is closed range is hot, when open range can be accessed by vehicle for target setting

Eight shooting tables and space for prone shooting

View down range with 100 yd mini berm to right side, 200 yd mini berm to left and 300 meter berm to the rear

New cease fire/ sitting shelter for 300 meter range. IF shooters are downrange setting targets, anyone left on the firing line must move to this shelter.

Club Rules of the Sportsman’s Conservation Club
(revised Dec. 2012)

The following rules apply to all members and their guests.  Everyone is expected to observe these rules and conduct themselves properly while on club property. Failure to comply with Conservation Club rules may be cause for termination of your membership. Destruction of club property will result in revocation of your membership and prosecution for damages.

Violations of Club Rules are to be reported/brought to the attention of the Board by e-mail, US Mail, or in person at an open meeting of the Board, with all information pertaining to the violation including identification of the offender, a detailed description of the violation, date, time, and names of the witnesses.

The accused violator(s) will face the Board and explain their response to the alleged violations. Failure to appear before the Board at the next meeting after notification will result in termination of membership. Notification will be delivered by certified mail at the member’s last known address.

After the review of the evidence and meeting with the violator the Board will discuss and determine if the violator is guilty or not guilty.

The Board will determine the severity of the violation and the proper reprimand required, up to and including expulsion from the club for life.

There is no excuse for SAFETY VIOLATIONS, and they will not be tolerated.

General Club Rules:

1.Be courteous to all club members.

2.Club membership card must be worn and visible while on club property at all times.

3.One Club membership card covers a husband, wife and their children 18 years and younger living in the same house as their parents. Children over 18 yrs old must have their own Club membership card.

4.Children under the age of 18 yrs. must be accompanied & supervised by an adult member on club grounds.

5.Members may invite one specific “guest” ONE time during the calendar year. Only one guest per visit is allowed. Afterward, if the “guest” is interested; they are expected to apply for membership if there are openings available.

6.Please verify the sliding entry gate is closed after entering or leaving the Club grounds.

7.Alcoholic beverages are not permitted beyond the Club entrance, Clubhouse, front lawn or Lake. No Alcohol is permitted on any range at any time!

8.The Board of Directors must approve any special use of Club facilities and property.

9.The Board of Directors will determine Hunting, Lake and Shooting Range hours of use annually.

10.When using Club facilities, remove ALL your trash and place it in the Club dumpster, Range barrels or take it home with you.

11.Motorized Vehicles are not permitted beyond posted (graveled) parking areas.

12.No ATV’s are permitted on Club grounds. ATV’s may be used during hunting season to collect downed game only!

13.The Board of Directors may use motorized vehicles to survey all Club property at any time.

14.NO firearms are to be discharged at the Club entrance, Clubhouse or the Lake area. Please keep firearms unloaded until safely on the Shooting Ranges or while Hunting approved areas.

15.NO camping is allowed anywhere on Club grounds.

16.Fires will be allowed only in the fire pit near the clubhouse and in charcoal type grills made for cooking. If grills will be emptied on club property, the coals must be doused with water until they are completely extinguished and then the ashes shall be put in the club dumpster.

Hunting Rules:

1.Observe State of Indiana DNR Hunting Rules & Regulations.

2.Hunting is not permitted on, or within 300 yards, of any of the Shooting Ranges.

Shooting Range Rules:

1.Obey all posted signs.

2.Use of the Shooting Ranges is restricted to daylight hours only.

3.Shooting Ranges are for the sole purpose of firearms practice only. All other uses must be approved by the Board of Directors. Board may also restrict Range use for maintenance or other purposes.

4.Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult club member. Hearing and Eye protection is required for all people using or observing the Ranges.

5.No fully automatic firearms are allowed unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors annually in writing.A letter signed the Board of Directors must be in the member's possession when using automatic weapons. Parties interested in firing fully automatic weapons on club ranges must attend a monthly board meeting to request permission and present a letter to the board for the clubs records.

6.During snowy, wet weather or high water in Indian Creek, Board may “lock out” the Range road to avoid rut damage or stuck vehicles.

7.Pistols are to be holstered or pointed down range at all times, except during “Cease Fire”.

8.Cease Fire: When two (2) or more people are sharing a range a cease fire must be called and agreed to before anyone proceeds down range for any reason. During “Cease Fire” all firearms are to be unloaded, magazines removed and bolt or actions locked (visibly) open and placed in a rack or case. DO NOT TOUCH FIREARMS again until all people are back behind the firing line and all parties agree to “Commence Fire”. Firearms must be cased, holstered or placed in a rack (muzzle up) and must not be left pointing down range during “Cease Fire”.

9.Safety berms between ranges are for your protection, no climbing or standing on them.

10.Targets that are NOT Allowed: Glass of any kind, steel cans or steel “Real Estate” or “Political” type signs…these pose a danger to the people who maintain the ranges and will not be used.

11.Targets that ARE Allowed: Paper, cardboard, clay pigeons, plastic bottles, bowling pins, steel spinners and wooden target holders/backdrops. All targets are to be picked up and placed in the Club dumpster, Range Barrels, or taken home with you.

12.Pistols and revolvers may be used on the rifle range only at distances 75 yards or beyond. Rifles may be used on Ranges 2, 3, 4 & 5.

13.Pick up your empties/remove leftover targets and backdrops. When done shooting, PICK UP YOUR EMPTY SHOTGUN HULLS, PISTOL AND RIFLE CASINGS…PUT THEM IN THE 5 GALLON BUCKETS PROVIDED ON EACH RANGE OR TAKE THEM HOME. The same goes for all targets.

14.If people are waiting to use any of the ranges you must limit your time to one (1) hour.

15.While shooting on the rifle range use only one bench. All ancillary equipment to be kept on the ground or the bench behind the shooting benches.

16.Shotgun Range- Keep shot and throwing clays between boundary markers. Do not shoot over the access road or other ranges!

If a member’s actions or conduct is considered to be in violation of the club’s rules or in any way deemed to be detrimental to the club, the member will be dealt with in a manner that is considered by the Board to be in the best interest of the club and it’s members.


March, 2012

To All of the Members of the Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club,

It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors that some people using the club are being unsafe in the handling of their firearms.  We have had reports that people are taking firearms down range with them and then unloading them as they walk back to the shooting area and people being “muzzled” with weapons. For those of you not familiar with the term “muzzled” this means to have a firearm pointed at you whether or not the weapon is loaded.  It has also been brought to our attention that some people are drinking alcoholic beverages while shooting.


The 4 rules of gun safety are posted on all of the ranges.  To be sure everyone is aware of these rules they are as follows:





These 4 gun safety rules are being added to our formal club rules that were initially mailed to members and will be posted on our website.  All members are expected to follow them.

If you witness an unsafe act we ask that you do the following:

Get the person’s name.  (Per the club rules all membership cards are to be worn so as to be visible at all times when you are on club property and the member’s names are on them)  If this is not possible try to get their license plate number.  Once you have this information send it to the Board through the e-mail address or in a letter to the post office box explaining in detail what you witnessed.  The Board will send a certified letter to the individual or individuals telling them to attend the next meeting and explain their actions.  Please be prepared to attend this meeting also to explain why you filed the complaint and how their action(s) were unsafe.  The Board will make a decision and if their actions are determined to be a violation of our safety rules the person will lose their membership and there will be no refund of their membership fee.

We hope to never have to use this process but we cannot and will not have people being unsafe with their weapons while at the club.  The Board cannot be at the club all of times and we need the members to step up and help with enforcing the safety rules and the wearing of membership cards.

To be clear we are not asking anyone to hold anyone at gun point nor are we asking anyone to put themselves in danger to get the information to give to the Board.

Also we have been told that some people are consuming alcoholic beverages while shooting.  This is against the club rules.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted past the clubhouse.  Please be sure to observe this rule or it can mean loss of your membership.

Finally, several members have asked how to access the restroom.  The code for the push button lock is 911.

If you have any questions or comments please contact the Board through the e-mail or by a letter to the post office box.

Thank You for your support of the Martinsville Sportsman Conservation Club.

The Board of Directors  

Our club does NOT maintain a collection or record of items left at the club.

Our experience is that if you find something LEAVE it where found, good chance whoever left it behind will realize the mistake and head back to the club to retrieve it. DON'T pick the item up with an expectation that you or we will be able to return it to the proper owner.


Nov. 2023 Board Letter

Letter from the Board of Directors

Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club 

November 2023 

Renewal time is once again upon us. We hope that everyone has had a chance to spend many pleasant hours at the club this year. 

The pull-offs mentioned in last year’s letter have been installed.   This alleviates the need for someone back all the way to one end if they meet another member on the road. 

New shelters have been added to Pistol Bay 1, the 100 yard rifle range and the waiting area at the 300 yard rifle range. This includes concrete floors on the shelters. We hope you have had a chance to try these out. 

Also we have added high tensile wire fences around the 100 yard Rifle Range, the Shotgun Field and between the 100 Yard Rifle Range and Pistol Bay #1. This was done in order to prevent members that use the club for purposes other than shooting (hiking, hunting, mushroom hunting, etc.) from inadvertently wandering onto these areas while another member is shooting. Also the fence around the 300 Yard Rifle Range has been repaired from damage that occurred this past spring in the tornado that came through Martinsville. 

Due to safety concerns, the partnership between the Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club and the Knobstone Trail Group has been terminated. Non-club members are not allowed on club property unless they are the guest of a member in good standing. 

We would like to take this opportunity to point out some of the items to remember when you come to the club:

·         You are required to wear your badge/entrance card any time you are on club property.

·         Please take a few seconds to review the signs on the shelters to see if there are new items to be aware of.

·         If there are closure signs and you are not sure what they mean – please err on the side of more caution/safety rather than less.

·         Please be courteous to all others on the ranges.

·         Steel core ammo and 50 BMG ammo is not allowed to be shot at our steel targets. This includes common green tip AR ammo as it has a steel core penetrator. The steel targets on the shorter ranges may only be shot with pistol caliber ammo. 

We look forward to another successful and safe year and we hope that you all renew your membership. 

The Board of Directors

Martinsville Sportsman’s Conservation Club