Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club

New Entry Gate at the Club

After completing a land purchase between Burton Lane and the old club gate, we have moved the gate closer to Burton Lane to keep trespassers/parkers out of the area of the old gate.  Gate mechanics and software were also updated same time.

When exiting the club, pull up to within 2 feet of gate to make it automatically open.

Most gate cards have continued to work well, but a few need to be re-programmed.  If you are one of the few with a non-working card, call 765-346-1908 to have card re-programmed while you wait on the phone if our membership man is available.  If he is not available, leave your phone number and he will call you back later in the day.  Sorry for any inconvenience...cost of progress!


State Road 37 closure in to reach the club for the next 12 months or so

On Sat. Jan 2, 2021, the Indiana DOT closed a 5 mile stretch of SR37 spanning the Morgan St. junction on the northside of Martinsville to the SR39 junction on the southside. 

If you are traveling South on SR37, take the Morgan Street exit on the northside of Martinsville.  Follow Morgan Street through Martinsville until you turn left on SR39 (road tee's at junction).  Proceed 1.25 miles on SR39 to Burton Lane.  Turn left on Burton Lane which will take you across SR37/I69 past Starbucks and Indy's restaurant and straight to the club.  Reverse to exit club.

If you are traveling North on SR37/I69, you will be directed onto SR39 (Morton Ave.), then turn right on Burton Lane.  Follow Burton past McDonalds on the right, across the original SR37 and straight ahead to the club. Exit is the reverse...stay on Burton Lane past McDonalds on the left for half a mile or so and turn left on Morton Ave.  Morton will rejoin SR37/I69 a couple of miles to the south. 

If for any reason you get lost, Google Maps has a listing for Martinsville Sportsman Conservation Club that will get you to the club and back.

This closure is expected to last most of 2021...if we learn any further details impacting club access, we will advise here.

New Openings??????

There are NO openings for the year 2021. Once again we have had near complete renewal of our 500 existing member families.

Next possible date for openings is Jan 1, 2022 and advice regarding that will be posted here the day after Christmas 2021.

Our Club

The purpose of this non-profit club is to provide it's members with safe shooting ranges for the practice of marksmanship and competition as well as a forested wildlife habitat suitable for hunting, fishing, hiking recreation and family outings for the fellowship of all.

Members are expected to practice safe firearm handling, sportsmanship afield and conservation while using club facilities and grounds.  

It is our goal to pass on to our heirs the joys and privileges of a better outdoors.

WARNING...Hunters and hikers must stay off the 300 meter range at all times...walk around it, never, ever across it into the line of fire.

Range is completely surrounded by fencing and 92 "Danger/Keep Out/Shooting Range" signs mounted on fence posts.  Despite this, in late Oct. 2014 a hunting member climbed the fence and walked directly across the line of fire on the crossover road.  A shooter preparing to fire fortunately saw the trespasser in time and made safe his rifle.

Trespasser was unharmed...but the Board revoked his membership permanently.  We take safety rules seriously.


 Tour of Club by a member

One of our members has produced a YouTube video of our club showcasing much of the club including the bathroom!  As his video was done in 2012, it does not include our 300 M range built in late 2013 or other range additions and improvements noted in 2015-2018...but it gives a good flavor of the place...enjoy!

Click on the following link:  
Martinsville Sportsman's Conservation Club Video

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