Club Rules of the Sportsman’s Conservation Club (revised Dec. 2012)

The following rules apply to all members and their guests.  Everyone is expected to observe these rules and conduct themselves properly while on club property. Failure to comply with Conservation Club rules may be cause for termination of your membership. Destruction of club property will result in revocation of your membership and prosecution for damages.

Violations of Club Rules are to be reported/brought to the attention of the Board by e-mail, US Mail, or in person at an open meeting of the Board, with all information pertaining to the violation including identification of the offender, a detailed description of the violation, date, time, and names of the witnesses.

The accused violator(s) will face the Board and explain their response to the alleged violations. Failure to appear before the Board at the next meeting after notification will result in termination of membership. Notification will be delivered by certified mail at the member’s last known address.

After the review of the evidence and meeting with the violator the Board will discuss and determine if the violator is guilty or not guilty.

The Board will determine the severity of the violation and the proper reprimand required, up to and including expulsion from the club for life.

There is no excuse for SAFETY VIOLATIONS, and they will not be tolerated.

General Club Rules:

1.Be courteous to all club members.

2.Club membership card must be worn and visible while on club property at all times.

3.One Club membership card covers a husband, wife and their children 18 years and younger living in the same house as their parents. Children over 18 yrs old must have their own Club membership card.

4.Children under the age of 18 yrs. must be accompanied & supervised by an adult member on club grounds.

5.Members may invite one specific “guest” ONE time during the calendar year. Only one guest per visit is allowed. Afterward, if the “guest” is interested; they are expected to apply for membership if there are openings available.

6.Please verify the sliding entry gate is closed after entering or leaving the Club grounds.

7.Alcoholic beverages are not permitted beyond the Club entrance, Clubhouse, front lawn or Lake. No Alcohol is permitted on any range at any time!

8.The Board of Directors must approve any special use of Club facilities and property.

9.The Board of Directors will determine Hunting, Lake and Shooting Range hours of use annually.

10.When using Club facilities, remove ALL your trash and place it in the Club dumpster, Range barrels or take it home with you.

11.Motorized Vehicles are not permitted beyond posted (graveled) parking areas.

12.No ATV’s are permitted on Club grounds. ATV’s may be used during hunting season to collect downed game only!

13.The Board of Directors may use motorized vehicles to survey all Club property at any time.

14.NO firearms are to be discharged at the Club entrance, Clubhouse or the Lake area. Please keep firearms unloaded until safely on the Shooting Ranges or while Hunting approved areas.

15.NO camping is allowed anywhere on Club grounds.

16.Fires will be allowed only in the fire pit near the clubhouse and in charcoal type grills made for cooking. If grills will be emptied on club property, the coals must be doused with water until they are completely extinguished and then the ashes shall be put in the club dumpster.

Hunting Rules:

1.Observe State of Indiana DNR Hunting Rules & Regulations.

2.Hunting is not permitted on, or within 300 yards, of any of the Shooting Ranges.

Shooting Range Rules:

1.Obey all posted signs.

2.Use of the Shooting Ranges is restricted to daylight hours only.

3.Shooting Ranges are for the sole purpose of firearms practice only. All other uses must be approved by the Board of Directors. Board may also restrict Range use for maintenance or other purposes.

4.Children under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult club member. Hearing and Eye protection is required for all people using or observing the Ranges.

5.No fully automatic firearms are allowed unless specifically approved by the Board of Directors annually in writing.A letter signed the Board of Directors must be in the member's possession when using automatic weapons. Parties interested in firing fully automatic weapons on club ranges must attend a monthly board meeting to request permission and present a letter to the board for the clubs records.

6.During snowy, wet weather or high water in Indian Creek, Board may “lock out” the Range road to avoid rut damage or stuck vehicles.

7.Pistols are to be holstered or pointed down range at all times, except during “Cease Fire”.

8.Cease Fire: When two (2) or more people are sharing a range a cease fire must be called and agreed to before anyone proceeds down range for any reason. During “Cease Fire” all firearms are to be unloaded, magazines removed and bolt or actions locked (visibly) open and placed in a rack or case. DO NOT TOUCH FIREARMS again until all people are back behind the firing line and all parties agree to “Commence Fire”. Firearms must be cased, holstered or placed in a rack (muzzle up) and must not be left pointing down range during “Cease Fire”.

9.Safety berms between ranges are for your protection, no climbing or standing on them.

10.Targets that are NOT Allowed: Glass of any kind, steel cans or steel “Real Estate” or “Political” type signs…these pose a danger to the people who maintain the ranges and will not be used.

11.Targets that ARE Allowed: Paper, cardboard, clay pigeons, plastic bottles, bowling pins, steel spinners and wooden target holders/backdrops. All targets are to be picked up and placed in the Club dumpster, Range Barrels, or taken home with you.

12.Pistols and revolvers may be used on the rifle range only at distances 75 yards or beyond. Rifles may be used on Ranges 2, 3, 4 & 5.

13.Pick up your empties/remove leftover targets and backdrops. When done shooting, PICK UP YOUR EMPTY SHOTGUN HULLS, PISTOL AND RIFLE CASINGS…PUT THEM IN THE 5 GALLON BUCKETS PROVIDED ON EACH RANGE OR TAKE THEM HOME. The same goes for all targets.

14.If people are waiting to use any of the ranges you must limit your time to one (1) hour.

15.While shooting on the rifle range use only one bench. All ancillary equipment to be kept on the ground or the bench behind the shooting benches.

16.Shotgun Range- Keep shot and throwing clays between boundary markers. Do not shoot over the access road or other ranges!

If a member’s actions or conduct is considered to be in violation of the club’s rules or in any way deemed to be detrimental to the club, the member will be dealt with in a manner that is considered by the Board to be in the best interest of the club and it’s members.